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MSI :  655597 Factory #: 5102-131
UPC :  00054831000845  Brand: Owner
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  • This is accomplished by the fact that the edges of the point up to the barb are actually like knife edges and easily slice into the fish instead of acting like a wedge that requires more force the deeper it penetrates. There is a third cutting edge on the bottom of the point from tip to the barb, which helps the barb enter more easily. We have all had fish in the net and the hook just fell out of the bass' mouth, or worse, set the hook hard and have the bass coming toward you and all of a sudden, slack line and the fish is gone. Chances are the barb didn't get pushed home. Try these exclusive hooks and see if they make a difference in your bite to catch ratio.
  • Inner Case Pack Qty.: 20
    Minimum Order Qty.: 1
These offset worm hooks, from Owner America Corporation, feature the renowned Cutting Point exclusive to Owner hooks. These hooks feature a corrosion resistant black chrome finish and strong, heavy wire and a large radius wide gap. The secret is that this hook has an ultra-sharp point like other premium hooks but once the point penetrates, even hard cartilage and bone, the cutting edges actually make the hook push in past the barb easier, meaning less force is required to securely hook your bass.
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