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MSI :  462218 Factory #: 208414
UPC :  00089726081685  Brand: Gamakatsu
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  • When the bites on your dropshot rig are too light to feel, this may be the hook that could save the day. The idea of the circle hook is that it will slide into the corner of a fish's mouth as it swims away and almost automatically hook the fish without setting the hook yourself. It is a proven and reliable method in saltwater for species such as tuna and wahoo, and it works for bass, too. The bent-in point resists hooking rocks and wood, but ensures the hook will not slip out of a fish's mouth without sticking and when the fish swims away, it's hooked. It's almost self-hooking and it works, so if the bites really light, try the circle hook idea and see if it can help put more fish in the livewell.
  • Inner Case Pack Qty.: 5
    Minimum Order Qty.: 1
Gamakatsu's Octopus Circle Offset Point Hook is specially designed to set in the corner of a fishes mouth, making it a great choice for both fresh and saltwater anglers who prefer to use bait. Effective strong and sharp...just like all Gamakatsu Hooks.
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