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MSI :  812016 Factory #: 023-045
UPC :  00751981023457  Brand: Zoom
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  • Soft jerk baits are known fish catchers and the Salty Super Fluke from Zoom Baits is one of the premier baits on the market today. The natural fish shape is attractive to all kinds of fish in both fresh and salt water but big bass really like them. Because of their streamlined shape they glide and swoop through the water easily with the slightest twitch of the rod tip. Use them weightless and they hit the surface like a fleeing baitfish. Use our Lunker City Insert Weights to get the Super Fluke down around fish-holding structure or deep into brush.
The Super Fluke is a truly amazing bait. One would really have to fish with this 5 1/4" wonder to understand. Texas rig it without a weight, and twitch or "soft jerk" on the surface, then let it slowly fall to a few feet deep, and repeat. Bass just "react" when they see this bait in action. They just can’t stand it. This bait is very effective when fished in weed pockets also. Packed 10 per bag.
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