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(1) Can I get order tracking information on the site?     View   Close

(2) I did not receive an invoice with my order, will I get one?     View   Close

(3) Can I print an invoice from the site?     View   Close

(4) If my order is received damaged or there is product missing, what should I do?     View   Close

(5) Do I have to order with a credit card?     View   Close

(6) Can I place a COD order?     View   Close

(7) I used a promotion code for my order, when will I see my discount?     View   Close

(8) I cannot find a product on the site, does that mean you don’t have it?     View   Close

(9) Does Maurice fill backorders for products with a stock level of 0?     View   Close

(10) If there is 0 stock for a product, will it be in stock at a later date?     View   Close

(11) How do I locate your Closeout products?     View   Close

(12) If I place an order on-line today, when can I expect it to ship?     View   Close

(13) I see two charges on my credit card for the same order, why?     View   Close

(14) Does Maurice drop ship?    View   Close

(15) Why did I not receive a discount on my order on Penn, Shimano and Markdown items when I used a % off promo code?    View   Close

(16) Can I narrow my search to show only closeout items?    View   Close

(17) Can i use 2 promo codes for my order?    View   Close

(18) Why is there a a shipping and handling charge when my order is more than $500?    View   Close

(19) What is the Maurice Sporting Goods Return Policy?    View   Close

(20) What is CHI and WST     View   Close

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