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MSI :  143626 Factory #: VRTS66-6
UPC :  00036282615526  Brand: Abu Garcia
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  • 30 Ton graphite for a lightweight balanced designSpiral Carbon Core Construction provides an increase in break strength of the rodTitanium alloy guides with SiC inserts allow for a lightweight balanced rodAbu designed extreme exposure reel seat for increased blank contact and sensitivityMicro click reel seat hood design allows for improved reel fitHigh density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durabilityTexas rigged hook keeper for all bait applicationsLimited 3 year warranty
Welcome to the next level. The updated Veritas™ series continues the tradition of lightweight design and superior sensitivity with a renewed focus on strength. By developing a Spiral Core Construction process with our 30 Ton graphite blanks, our engineers were able to significantly improve break strength without increasing weight. Overall break strength improved an average of 22% while tip strength increased by over 30%. The result is uncompromising strength and sensitivity in a lightweight, balanced design. The Micro click reel hood design combines functionality and style, ensuring a solid connection between the rod and reel. Titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts will handle all lines including monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid. The Veritas™ series includes both standard and micro-guide models to match any technique. The Winch subseries includes cranking-specific options that are dialed in for a variety of different sized crankbaits. A frog rod has also been added as well as the Schooling Rig rod that is perfect for throwing high resistance baits.
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